Thursday, March 5, 2009

life drawing again...

My first two life drawing sessions (in ten years) produced these left and right hand drawings-yeah, guess which the left handed drawings are! I have a preference for left handed drawing, (I am right handed). The lines are unsure and sometimes, beautiful, childlike and unknowing. We have had a beautiful energetic model and a not so good one, who basicallly fell asleep during the long pose. Models needs to 'work' the pose, it helps to impart life to the drawing....sometimes....
It is good to get back into it...drawing really helps with painting. I think it's the hand eye co-ordination-fine tuning my 'seeing brain'.


  1. You drew those with your non-dominant (or at least 'preferred' hand)? Beautiful! I love the bottom one (pardon the pun).

    Can't wait to see more (and I don't mean that in a perverted way). ;-)

  2. thanks Rachel...very kind! I will put more up as I do them..i threw all of this weeks drawings away..he was an excellent older man, very vibrant..but I just couldnt get him right on newsprint!...