Friday, March 13, 2009

Banned the t.v, discovered jazz...

Now that I am being the 'good Mother', I arrive home three nights a week after 7pm!...(oh..the lateness is because I am picking kids up from various activities etc, not that I am out playing bingo or whatever!) This means that I need to make dinner before the kids even get home from school...this means I actually have to come home at some stage during the cook.
Thursday is now our 'at home relaxed evening', and Friday is pretty cool too...for the moment.

We have banned t.v.!!! I have realised it served as a babysitter from about 5pm, and most nights, okay-every night it would dictate when I would serve dinner, run, bathe Paloma and a myriad of little time squish'es. So I draped a cloth over the dictator, hid the remotes. Our first t.v free evening...I found myself feeling unusually angry at the noise the kids were creating. I felt a bit lost. The kids floundered around, t.v-less. They bounced off the walls (and each other). They accused me of...'child abuse'. They said I left them..."no option- but to read".

We celebrated Izzy's eighth birthday. It was a success according to Izzy. Thank God! Eleven kids and five adults arrived at the chameleon restaurant (the Intercontinental Hotel) for an early buffet breakfast. Only two of the kids over ate, felt sick, wanted their mummy's. I find I have not much patience at all...but I tried my best to be kind.
Justine was over from Nelson for the weekend which also happened to coincide with the Wellington Jazz festival. So Justine, Deb and I and our men enjoyed dinner at Finc....okay, I did not really really enjoy the food as the only thing I could eat was a sparse felafel salad. Hold the feta. (I was hungry with a capital r.) We then toddled off to the town hall, which was fashioned into a night club for the duration of the festival. We sat at our funky table and listened to jazz. Of course. I forget the name of the really famous Polish trumpet player, but at times I wished he'd shut up and let the piano and double base go for it. I did not understand the jazz drummer either. He should have shut up too....I enjoyed it for the experience of it though. I have not a sophisticated jazz ear. The following day, Justine, Izzy, Paloma and I went to a free gig in the civic I am pretty jazzed out.
I have been up with my running- and went for another hilly bike ride today. I have decided to aim for the 'Taupo cycle challenge' in November but will talk more on that in my wordpress blog.


  1. izzy is so pretty! your photo of us sisters is much better then myblurred versions...i hate my camera.....

  2. camera rocks...will u send me your photos if you camera is so good, i look really old and tired and a tad wrinkly up close..i prefer a bit of blur actually...
    from: feeln gooood...

  3. yeah sure, I'll get those photos right to you....hmmm....good intentions...oh and whats up with Dean's mouth in Izzys photo....cee cee cee cee

  4. he's singing " happy birthday to you...happi birthdy to u.." etc etc...