Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The good enough mother?

One of my goals for this year, generally, is to be a 'better Mother'. That entails for me, supporting the kids more in their pursuits...ahem, which means of course, I spend rather a long time in the car, dropping kids off, and picking them up. Or I wait around a lot. I also write a lot of cheques. Izzy had her first tap dancing lesson yesterday. She had been thumping around the wooden floorboards (ouch) for nearly a year. Her mantra has been, "when can I start tap lessons? can I start tap lessons soon? Do you like my tap dancing...(thump thump on the floor)". The kid was buzzing at the end of her lesson, eyes lit, face flushed. Her lesson finished, we had to race through rush hour traffic through Newtown to the city in time for my singing lesson. I didn't have time to drop her home. We had 30 minutes to make what would (in normal traffic) be fifteen minutes. It took forty minutes. There was an accident. We were cut from three lanes to two. I was late. After singing, I dropped the singing teacher off,( her car was broken down) and picked Deane up from his work, we arrived home by 7.30pm. And no! Dinner was not cooked, the house was not clean and homework was not done. Neither was violin, guitar, piano and drum practice done....(ummm....another of my 'good mother' things is to be a hard-ass when it comes to music practice. It must be done...).
Paloma had her four hour kindy session today...wow! ...four whole hours to myself!...guess what I did?
...Yep, I bet you got it right. I was a parent help on a kindy zoo trip. I was amongst 45 three and four year olds. Holding hands, directing, smiling, pointing out scratchy bum'd chimp's, baby giraffes, otters, tuatara's, gecko's, and non-fierce lions. I have never done a parent help trip before, because I have always been either pregnant with babys or toddlers, or one of everything at the same time...errr anything to get out of parent help.
I have admiration for pre-school teachers. I wonder why they do it..actually I wonder how they do it. Maybe they're all mad.

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