Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The garden, the Schools, and stuff being done...

Just look at my garden, and yes!, the little yellow tomato's are lovely and sweet and juicy. There are a ton of them on the vine..I am so proud. My garden is looking lush and scented with tomato and sweet peas, with a umm... hint of compost.
This afternoon, before the rain pissed down, I grabbed a few leaves of Kale, one comfrey leaf, and I Juiced them with carrot and apple. Delicious and of course, healthy. I am down to only one veg juice per day, but now SCHOOL HAS STARTED, I will be more organised.
My garden is far too small to feed our family in a serious way. The garden needs to be about three times larger.

School started for the little loves. I feel relief, and ready for the grind. Drew and Harry were the most nervous, both starting college and intermediate, respectively. I was a tad anxious for them too. We were all very brave.
This year I am being super organised. I have got the family diary sorted. Everyone writes their appointments in it. Then I carry my own diary with me, where I write their stuff, and schedule my stuff in amongst their stuff. Because of course, most stuff they do, I have to do too. I also schedule stuff on the big blackboard, and also have a separate diary for my exercise. I have a book where I write everything I eat, and a small notebook where I write my gym workouts.
As I write this I realise how um...uptight I am. I don't feel uptight, but I would if I didn't have my diary's, notebooks, and blackboards I guess.
And here I am, blogging it all down so as to have a record of that too...what's with that?!


  1. thats alotta writin down and organisin dude...focus man all about keeping focus...more you think about it aye....don't lose da photos

  2. yeah..i focus all that writing onto my hand in the morning so i dont forget what ive written down..and i dont have to look far to see it...the only trouble is-of course, it washes off..then i'm stuffed

  3. That's a crack-up... Daddi's section on the blackboard, with the ultimate line, "Stuff it". Love it. :-) Ahem, not that I'm reading your family's to-do list of course.

  4. yeah..tis funny..the 'schedule' for daddi and mummi...especially..'mummi's seems particulary empty..wonder why!...

  5. thanks for dropping by my blog! mm, the tomato looks good. i'm eager for summer to start here so i can enjoy them again.hey= i love your chalkboard doors!