Monday, January 5, 2009

'tis all over for another year.....yay...

Christmas and the New year celebrations are over for another 12months.
We have... eaten, beachen, playen, dranken, walken, camp'd and a bit of runnin'. This year we had a 'one present ' policy. The kids were happy with their respective gifts and I was happy too. We only had a half of a yellow rubbish bag fill of wrapping and only one annoying cardboard box to be rid of. Paloma got a 'littlest pet shop' house which was fully wired and taped and plastiked into the box. She loves the 'littlest pet shop' big headed small bodied plastic animals. I think it is all just crap, but there I go...buying it for the wee tike...I mean...Santa bought it. Santa left the kids a pillow case full of goodies as well, he is such a lovely old man. I cooked up a proverbial storm, including meat for my little carnivours, and vegan dishes for the vegans amongst us. I finished them all off with a New York cheese cake from Nigella's Domestic Goddess book.
Thankyou Nigella, I love you and so does my family.
Deb and Don arrived to celebrate Christmas with us. We ate, drank, and then walked to Hataitai beach where the kids, brrr.., swam.
We have already dismantled the Christmas tree. Paloma helped by being the tinsel holder.
Our plan was to go camping locally on New Years eve. I spent the day shopping and packing the caravan and van, but Deane did not finish work till 5pm, by the time he arrived home the day had gone on toooo looong. So we invited friends over and drank french champagne, the kids did ABBA sing star and we danced a tad. We were in bed by 1am.
We left home for our camp site by eleven the next day. Because we were only going to Kaitoke, there was no time pressure. So a very relaxed family arrived at said camp less than one hour after leaving home.
Kaitoke regional park is a wonderful resource. It is a DOC camp area, so only has the basic facilities, which I like. The river has been damned with lines of river rocks slowing the flow. It is thus very safe for children. There is a huge expanse they can explore and swim in, a no-brainer that the kids loved the whole experience.
Friends arrived and camped with us overnight. They bought 'toys' which was very cool, because we never do. The kids manufacture their own fun, but a swing ball and Frisbee really helps! When it started raining, we crammed inside the caravan and we (the four adults) played scrabble! It was very classic and a lot of fun. Especially seeing I won. I did not cheat! There IS such a word as 'qi'. It means spirit and everyone wants a bit or has got a bit and doesn't know it yet. Either way its a word and it got me the winning 34 points.
My training for the tussock traverse has been thus:

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