Monday, January 12, 2009

The other wedding of the century, and certainly the wedding of 2009

Well! what a fantastic weekend I have just returned from. My sister Justine was one of the bridesmaids for Hannah and Deans wedding. Hannah had, oh, about one hundred thousand in her wedding party, Dean had one. From the wee flower girls, (two thousand of them), to the older bridesmaids, (three thousand and fifty of them), to the 'golden girls', (Justine included)-they were all dressed wonderfully, the adult ones all champagned and ready-to-go by the time they walked down the human isle for the wedding service. Dean was resplendent in long shorts, jandles, a matching shirt and hat with jewellery, while Hannah the magnificent glowed in glamorous white-as all virgins with three children should.

Hannah and Deane were married in Golden Bay at a place called 'the Grove', a private house, not a house exactly but an alternative mansion set amongst a park, pool complete with a poolside four post day bed, funky smaller 'chateaus', nocks set in towering rock formations, and other glorious-ness's. A very large white marquee was set up, complete with white tables, covered chairs, flowers, dance floor, and disco lights. Wine, champagne and margarita's were abundant and within easy access. Hannah, had family and friends arrive en masse from England, India and other far away lands. The British accent, slightly plummy, highlighted the evening till, before I knew it, I was accenting my vowels. I too, was a brit for the evening.

We all know the English look like a 'straight bunch', but they are usually errr...bent as all hell. It made for an interesting evening.

We started the music session off, with three of the silver bridesmaids, singing 'Honey honey' with Abba aiding them. We all sang 'you are the sunshine of my life'..oohhhhh-ahhhh..etc. (Yes. I was fantastic cos it's all about me..). Later, Dean-the groom, grabbed the guitar and he and a few others sang (very well) for us. The eighty or so in our wedding group, were ever so slightly trashed by the time the dinner was announced. I must say, I was starving; the food was brilliant. The 'Broccoli row' catered the wedding. It was the best wedding food I have ever had. I ate like a proverbial vegan pig. Except I ate scampi. After wolfing down my first course of salady stuff, I looked over to Justine, who was sitting behind me at a close table, and requested she come up with me to get seconds. She, at that point, licked her fingers and berated me for being so slow-her entire table had already finished seconds.

I sat through some of the funniest wedding speeches I have heard! Ugly laughing was the rule of the moment.

The bride and groom were basically only half way through their groovy first dance, when we all lept up to join them. I did not really stop dancing till not long before we left. (My neck and shoulders have been sore ever since-am I too old to dance with my head?)

I have enjoyed a lovely action packed thirty six hours with friends and without my children. Deane and I vowed we would take more weekends for ourselves-the weekend being only one of three that we have managed in our lives together to get away-without kids!

Yes, we understand that statistic is rather sad (in a pathetic way) and 2009 is the year we are beginning to right it. I actually find it difficult arranging child care for a simple evening out, let alone a weekend! I understand I need to grow a different mindset regarding childcare. I need to begin to unhitch myself from the proverbial umbilical.

As for my 'training', what happened with it during my umm...champagne fused weekend?


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