Saturday, January 31, 2009

Me and my pick axe...

Yes folks! I have begun to use a pick axe.( Oh...And before you all start to wonder at my fantastic looking boobs in the above image... especially knowing I have five children, I have a berlei sports bra on. I knick name it my 'neveroff'. It is such a good supportive bra, I just fold the boobs up into it and...wowza!.) I digress. Anyhoo...I am so desperate to begin painting in my studio, I have begun excavating the hill myself. Deane marked it out for me, the city council 'legal' ten by pathetic ten. I have a lot of dirt and rock to move, I dont quite know where to put the dirt. Anyone want some? Tell you what-the worms I am slicing in half (or there abouts) are the biggest I have seen. They are quite oozy and disgusting.
The view from my space is pretty special. It's sort of like being in my own mini forest complete with bird song and amazing ocean views. I anticipate long years of productivity from my space.
Paloma will start school in a year and a half. Therefore,I have been going through the obligatory mid life crisis,...( not another one Catherine!, I hear you cry.) I was talking with Deane attempting to explain how I feel I am not progressing with my life...errr...I am not living my life, I said to him.
"Yes you are" he simply replied.
"No I'm not" I said.
etc etc....
He tried to be helpful and suggested I retrain. You know, to get back into the workforce. At that point we both started laughing...what am I going to 'retrain' as...a waitress?...telemarketer?
I want to paint full time, I always thought I would....but I have a need of a thing called money. So the question regarding my life shapes itself into... should I paint and my art, or should I turn to catering? Ta dahhh!


  1. Ha ha ha, I have to admit, your boobs were the first thing my eyes were directed to!! I might have to look at one of those bras. ;-)

    What a gorgeous spot, how could you not be inspired by living and painting in an environment like that. Almost makes all those steps worth it!

  2. the bra is definately worth the money-I have a feeling my friend nigella wears a big one... and the view is definately worth the steps...all the kids have great calf muscles!