Monday, January 19, 2009

I resolve to....

Well, as we move into the..not-so-new-year, I am slowly forming my new years resolution/s. I know what I need to do, but find it challenging expressing them succinctly.


  • I want to begin yoga and be consistent with the practice of it.
  • I want to exhibit my paintings in a gallery...oh yeah, and sell them.
  • I want to get my studio up and running and paint every day. (Deane is building it. He says it will be finished by late February.)
  • I want to do one life drawing session a week. (To do the life drawing, Paloma will have to start morning kindergarten, which wont happen at least till she turns four in May. Then I will have to pay someone to pick her up and look after her for a few hours.)
  • I want to train for a half iron man and compete in the half IM either late in the year or early next year.
  • I want to complete a full marathon this year.
  • I want to eat more raw food, less cooked.
  • I want to get over my fear of Kayaking.
  • I want to meditate every day.

These aforementioned, are goals that I will need to do consistently throughout the year. Of course, they will be 'chunked' into bite size...especially the ironman training, the marathon training.

My short term goals for...errr..lets put a ceiling on the time mid Feb, I will have had my car fixed. I will sell Drew's 3/4 size violin, the horrible blue rocking chair, the stoopid space waster treadmill, and the disgusting blue couch on trade me. (Does anyone want any of the preceding list?)

Of course, it is always a goal of mine to be the best parent I can, or at least get through the parenting thing with an acceptable outcome, i.e the kids talk to me, or acknowledge me in the street, at least.

To commit to these goals, I need to focus my attention on them. I find this difficult, and this is not a flimsy excuse, folks, its my life at the see, there is so much I want to do, but I seem to spend a lot of my time with rubber gloves on- cleaning, or doing the washing, or picking tiny pieces of Lego off the floor. Or I just referee stoopid arguments...'he breathed on my littlest pet shop'.., 'she looked at me'.., 'she said Blake was her fwend and he's my fwend'...etc.

It is all bollocks. I need to do what I can when I can. I need to get up earlier, (nuthin' wrong with 4.30am??), and I need to do stuff instead of watching the dumb box. As I read somewhere,...'working all day only to sit on your couch and watch TV will not get you where you want to be. You must take action to manifest your goals..'

Till next time folks, my dear avid readers....

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