Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A small moody Mt,Vic walk, Christmas.

Christmas TreeImage by wiccked via Flickr

Here are our steps! I often talk about them so here they are. Paloma is in the fore front while Drew is the dark speck below her. The stairs weave up and around a few corners till they top at our house, another fifty or so not in this image! I know they are good for us...the kids have very well developed leg muscles!

It was raining the last Sunday. Harry and I went to the early morning market where I tested out my trolley. Deane was laughing cos he thinks only old lady's have them. But I don't think many old Lady's, or for that matter people, have to carry 20-30 dollars worth of apples, 20 kg carrots, whole pumpkin, kilo's of onions etc home, every week-then up stairs. A lot of stairs. Anyhoo, the test went well. The trolley could not hold everything, the apples filled most of it. I could actually drink coffee while pulling my load! Dragging the trolley up the stairs, while not the proverbial breeze, was definitely easier.

Even though it was raining, we decided to take the kids for a walk over Mt Vic. Drew and Rose were not happy about it at all. The black cloud they had over them nearly overcame the Wellington rain clouds. They communicated their unhappiness through no eye contact, vast bottom lips, and slow-walking diligence. I had faith in nature, the smell of the flowers, the earth, the fresh air, that they would relax and actually enjoy it. They did. It took about 35 minutes for nature to do 'its thing'. Soon they were all running around, yelling out points of interest. As we were walking past a lord of the rings filming point, they all asked to diverge into the woods. I said they could, we would wait for them, just watch out for the orcs.

It is now Christmas eve. It is raining. The kids are watching Peter Pan. They are eating junk. They love it. I am about to bake a New York cheese cake for Christmas day. Merry Christmas lovely avid readers!


  1. Crikey, I thought our steps were bad - they're nothing compared to yours!! They would do my head in - I bet you think twice before going out. :-)

  2. tell you what, Im used to them but I did find it hard walking up them pregnant, or in labour and three hours after having baby..also hard after 2 hours running or 4+ hours on the bike. I hate carrying up bags of cement too...hahahaha