Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday, barracuda and the long walk....

Harry enjoyed his eleventh birthday on Saturday. Deane took him and six of his friends, plus an extra dad, and Reuben out on the Ngaparata. The chugged for an hour and tied up at the wharf in the city-from there they went to the intercontinental for Harry's favourite buffet breakfast. Apparently the boys loved it and a great feast was had! One of the boys, (another Harry), did the weirdest combination, (according to the intercontinental staff). He was walking back to the table with some toast he had just toasted and spied the yogurt. He loves yogurt, so being ten, he piled it on his toast.

After they had their fill, I'm guessing over their fill, they walked back to the Ngaparata and after sailing for a while, stopped and fished for about two hours. We were blessed with an absolutely perfect day here in Wellington. The fish were biting, and something was biting the fish...Deane thought there may have been sharks. One of the cod they caught was bitten in half as they hauled it out. (two and the half came home..the other Harry took them home for his mum.) They caught a few Barracuda, which are disgusting 'cruel rat fish'. Deane always cuts them loose.

Back at home, the girls and I made Christmas cards, decorations and Drew made gingerbread cookies to give as presents to her friends.

The following day, we decided to take the kids for a wee walk around the Karori Sanctuary perimeter fence. It is about a 12k walk. It was yet another beautiful Wellington day, with just enough breeze to refresh. We started the walk about 11am. The kids were pretty grumbly about it. My children would happily entropy if I let them. Anyhoo, we began at the three year olds pace of course. We were all slathered in sunscreen with a dollops of sunhats. By the time we were half way around, most of the kids were enjoying it, although finding it challenging. We carried two camelpaks of water, nuts, raisins, bananas and nectarines. These were all gone by the time we hit the creek!

The three younger girls and Harry all ended up shirtless, Paloma did the last 4k on my and Deane's shoulders. Harry still wants to run it with me and I think he could actually. It is a tough walk with ample steep gritty hills to slip on/off. The majority of the walk is in exposed to full sun, sort of like a desert track, two parts are wonderful forest, one zig zags down to a small creek. We arrived back at the car at 3.30. We drove to the Brooklyn dairy and the kids dined happily on ice cream, sports drinks and chips. They said they 'sort of' enjoyed it.


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