Sunday, November 30, 2008

Athletic kids, and the ignorant gardener

Harry and Izzy had their first inter club athletic meet today. Here is a photo of how Izzy felt about it all!

My contribution for the day was cooking sausages during my rostered time. Yes..I was the vegan sausage sizzle chick. It was mayhem, that is, we ran out of bread, onions, then last but not least, sausages. Oh, and don't forget serviettes. The wind turned them into serviette confetti, so we ran out of them too! We ran out of people to 'person' the shop, so Drew and Rose volunteered and happily took orders, tended money and were generally extremely helpful. It ended with four of my kids scoffing the last four sausages...and we closed sausage shop.

On a different note, my garden is growing magnificently! The tomatoes have begun flowering, the peas, beans and sweet peas are flowering and reaching heavenward athletically. The zucchini are doing whatever it is they do, not having grown them previously - I am not sure what they do next...I mean, where does the actual zucchini sprout from? Oh! the bliss of the ignorant gardener!I have also planted cucumber and capsicum ; am waiting to see how they grow...a bit like. Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?...Mary replies, I don't bloody know...

Anyhoo 'tis all an important part of my cliched life is a garden. I am tending my plants, my relationship, my children and Sisters, my house, my painting, my spiritual, physical, emotional self...we will See how it grows...

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  1. such a lovely photo of Izzy at athletics....her smile made my x

  2. yeah..i got a few of her on the walk thru ..she kept looking back to me with that huge smile..she was very chuffed to be there..!!!