Sunday, November 30, 2008

Athletic kids, and the ignorant gardener

Harry and Izzy had their first inter club athletic meet today. Here is a photo of how Izzy felt about it all!

My contribution for the day was cooking sausages during my rostered time. Yes..I was the vegan sausage sizzle chick. It was mayhem, that is, we ran out of bread, onions, then last but not least, sausages. Oh, and don't forget serviettes. The wind turned them into serviette confetti, so we ran out of them too! We ran out of people to 'person' the shop, so Drew and Rose volunteered and happily took orders, tended money and were generally extremely helpful. It ended with four of my kids scoffing the last four sausages...and we closed sausage shop.

On a different note, my garden is growing magnificently! The tomatoes have begun flowering, the peas, beans and sweet peas are flowering and reaching heavenward athletically. The zucchini are doing whatever it is they do, not having grown them previously - I am not sure what they do next...I mean, where does the actual zucchini sprout from? Oh! the bliss of the ignorant gardener!I have also planted cucumber and capsicum ; am waiting to see how they grow...a bit like. Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?...Mary replies, I don't bloody know...

Anyhoo 'tis all an important part of my cliched life is a garden. I am tending my plants, my relationship, my children and Sisters, my house, my painting, my spiritual, physical, emotional self...we will See how it grows...

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Friday, November 21, 2008

"I didn't do it".

Bart SimpsonImage via Wikipedia This journey through Motherhood, has me on my knees. No, not begging for more-but begging for a holiday. I think a month would do it. Okay, maybe two. I walked out this morning to the kitchen, (5.15am) to the jumble of the night before. A dinner plate on the couch, a cup on the floor, random teaspoons and forks placed anywhere but the dishwasher. Lettuce on the table, a rotton apple in the sink. (The compost bin is not an easy enough below..) There are rabbits face down under the table, a dog behind the horrible chair and Paloma's 'blanky' on the floor near the door.( No body could find the blanky last night.)
The washing basket is on the ugly blue couch and the clean yet unfolded clothes are piling up on the space-wasting treadmill behind it. My Mother eye follows the general mayhem of my house. As Bart says, 'I didnt do it". And the children will all be in unison with him. They didnt do it either.
Yet... I have to clean it up..again and again and again. And this is why I need a 'break'.
I feel a need of a mental,spiritual feast, where no small person is going to ask me where their sock is while I am meditating, or ..thinking..or trying to be. I feel a bit wrung out. I understand I am not actually wrung out...the feeling is all of my creation. I take full responsibility for it-I also take full responsibility for fixing it. I guess this is why I am in this state -of-mind. I have not taken a break for a lot of years, in fact the longest I have been away from the mess and my little loves, is while I was hurtling myself through the 267kilometers of the COAST TO COAST race in Febuary. What a holiday!..Yes it really was..loved it. But a yoga retreat sounds good to me now. At the moment.
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Zen with Catherine

Zen GardenImage by euart via Flickr

Attempting to be 'Zen' about life, I realise I don't really know what it meant. Really. I have thoughts and feelings of what I think it means i.e; I will be calm and 'in the moment', (all of the time). I would lose my desire for..well...what ever it is I desire. Which leads me on to the topic of what it is I actually desire. Here goes: Hot chips on Fridays, a studio, time, money, a nanny, a house cleaner, a car that works, a life full of good hair days, to run each day, conquer my fear of the Waimakariri, bigger house, half acre vegetable garden, garden shed, shiny stuff.

I don't see anything wrong with all of the above. I guess it's my state of zenlessness. I want all that stuff and I want it now, (except the hot chips which I will want on Friday night). Not included in my list of desire is Love. I have that.

On a different note, (life in real time that is), I have just got off the phone with one of the teachers at the kids school. She informed me that a reliever (teacher) had seen a nit in Rosie's hair. The teacher sounded a bit nervous and giggly. I asked her to repeat what she had said. She did and said,'oh no, must be time for treatment again!', attempting to make light of it I guess. Poor thing. The thing is, I (yes..yes..make it all about ME..blah blah)..anyway, 'I' have had it..up to here..(hand saluting the sky..) with nits and every one that trys to give me advice about what to do. The so called 'remedies' I have listened to I could write a boring book about. (I wont). Drew bought nits home from school the day she started about seven years ago and they have been our wee pesky pets ever since. In fact, the day Paloma was born, she came home and Izzy said, (looking at her quizzically) ..."has she got nits yet?". I replied, "No", but knew in my heart it wouldn't be long.

And Yes...(for all you worry wart readers who are about to phone child welfare and send me to prison)..we keep the 'pets' under control with what I have found to be the best solution for us.

Life is a bit of a jumble at the moment..(it is momentary, I will accept the 'jumble' and let it pass). I am dropping things, slicing my fingers, grating my fingers, and generally may hemming it up a bit. will tell you a great story of me being Michael Angelo.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Wedding photos, Halloween, gale force breeze

Above is the littlest goth on the evening of her first Halloween outing! The twelve year old dressed her, 'blood' oozing from the corners of her mouth, white face, with a bag at the ready. They all marched down the streets prying lollies from the house holders of Hataitai. Her cute factor worked and they returned sugar laden and jittery about one hour later. One of the challenges of a larger family is..(wait for it)...the amount of lollies that come into the house on Halloween! I try to hide them, donate them, dump them; while the older kids are attempting to squirrel them away from me. Lets call it 'the lollie dilemma'.

The morning following Halloween, I eagle eyed them as they drank green juice to counteract the sugar. I do not know if it worked but it made me feel better.

The line of kids are, in order, Rose, Harry, Paloma, Drew and Isobella. They were waiting for us to arrive so they could walk with us, up the aisle to where we were to be married. They all look lovely shiny and clean! It is not often they are sparkling at the same time so I love this image!

As for 'normal' life, well-I have only meditated once in the past month, my running has turned sporadic disappointing non-story, and as an artist-I am non-existant! I have hope that Deane will build my studio on the section. He actually bought the windows for the studio last weekend. They are leaning on the outside wall of the house...umm..well they were-until the 140kph gale force 'breeze' flipped a few of them on their faces. Yep...I like pieces of glass..there are so many mosaic. I guess I could match the shards up with the broken le chamba wedding present and make a lovely gift for someone. Maybe Julia.
On a political note, (but it feels personal?) I am Happy Mr Obama won the American election. It was absolutely historic, it bought tears to my eyes. For some reason- I have hope. Weird huh!
And here I am sharply changing the subject-(because apparently it isn't good to talk politics);I am enjoying delving into raw food and juices and noting the way it all makes me feel. I have more recipes and experiences at