Monday, October 6, 2008

wedding squirrels, marriage tests, watercress salad.

Here I am at one of my 'offices', organising the wedding with my sister. The princess was flying around and about..spilling drinks, chocolate smeared on her face. Yet! I appear so calm. (?!!)

O.M.G! I do not want to organise a wedding ever again. Thank god..that's the whole point of marriage isn't DON'T have to do it again! It isn't like there is a lot to do..i mean; there is and there isn't!..i think the wearying aspect is trying to remember the little things and it is always niggling away at my a little nibbling squirrel with a nut...nibble..nibble..nibble..

You get the general idea.

I dropped the four kids off at laser force this morning at 9. They were really enthusiastic about spending four hours playing game machines etc. They were offered the whole morning by friends who own the place...(i didn't say no). Then the princess and I went to 'births,deaths and marriages' and picked up our marriage license. I cant believe they give out license's for marriage without some sort of test...or course. For example, a course on anger management may come in handy, or perhaps a communication course. A wee emotional IQ test that a couple could take together to see if they match up could be applicable. What about a house keeping course? I also have an idea that it would be a good thing to sit down and talk about your individual beliefs about money-this is a big one...bigger than most of us credit.

After picking up the license, the princess and I drove around and finally found a park in town and I carried her on my shoulders, (the poor thing 'cant' walk, she says..shes 'toooo tired..') to the jeweller. I picked up my shiny wedding band (thin white gold) and my repaired necklace. We then (as one) moved on to a cafe; espresso republic. The staff their never fail to be friendly, no matter how many kids troop in, and the coffee is damn good! After we slurped down our coffee and fluffy and heart shaped shortbread, we footed it to the car.

After the supermarket run, I was waiting at the lights and a man pulled up beside me and informed me that my brake lights were not working at all and that I had..'better be careful cos a car is gonna go up ur arse..". I thanked him as I sped off with the car trimming flying in my face..(car trimming is surprisingly hard to repair. Its not just about glue apparently!).

We picked up the kids, three of them decided to walk to tepapa and then home by themselves so it was just the ten year old and I (and my side kick).

We dawdled home.

Last night for tea Drew made macaroni cheese which I supplemented with a huge watercress and spinach salad, peeled sliced raw zucchini and a cooked tomato sauce. Surprisingly, the zucchini was a big hit, I had scantily splashed some lemon juice and smoked paprika over it. They scoffed the lot. Nearly all of them tried the watercress salad but found it a bit hot! Watercress is quite peppery which was really lovely with the coolness of zucchini.

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