Thursday, October 9, 2008

raw organic seaweed salad..the best!!

Yum!! I just made the best seaweed's the recipe:

  • put a cup of organic Arame seaweed (mitoku macrobiotic japan) in a small bowl and soak in not too hot water for about 20 Min's. (I guess any dried seaweed would do, but their tastes do differ.) Drain the soaked Arame in a sieve then chuck it back in the bowl.
  • Splish a medium amount of organic shoyu (a naturally fermented soy sauce) over it, add raw sesame oil and voila! Talk about yummy! fact it was so yummy I ate the whole cup so I made some more for dinner.
  • The second time though I added a taste of sexy black truffle oil and threw in chopped spring onion. The truffle oil - seaweed combo was glorious!

This is a raw food recipe, so easy. I havn't done the nutritional break down but it feels damn good. Go on!! Try it!!

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