Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Food, and the sweetness of the honeymoon...

Above is the surprising waterfall, my famous (in my head) seaweed vegetable salad. And the mmmmmm...chick pea and roast pumpkin salad, in the salad bowl that Russell gave us for our wedding, beautiful isn't it?
Here, on the left is the wonderful carrot beet salad with ripped greens, chopped spring onion (from the garden). We had this, and other dishes for dinner with the extended family the night before the wedding. Read about the fabulous wedding in my blog http://catherinedrew.wordpress.com/

After checking in to the Wellington Intercontinental hotel at about eleven thirty the evening of the wedding, we made our way up to the fifth floor in the lifts leaving a trail of coloured tinsel. We both took off our dresses and collapsed in a heap on our bed. Then it was morning.

Breakfast saw us dining like royalty in the chameleon restaurant. I breakfasted on freshly sliced fruit and raw nuts. The coffee sort of sucked but I didn't mind too much...it was my honeymoon after all.

We toddled home to the house full of kids, Elaine busy with the dishes. We packed for our ski trip to Whakapapa, made a few phone calls, paid a few bills, cuddled and kissed lots of short people and we were soon on our way. I drove. I like driving. An uneventful five hour road trip.

The Ruapaehu district is stunning. We went for a short hike ending up at a surprising waterfall...
The snow was low over the mountains, the sun shone, and the Chateau beckoned. We drove the smelly old van up to the gracious entrance doors of the Chateau. After throwing our shabby assortment of bags out, Deane drove through to park while a concierge carefully lifted the shabbys onto a trolley. A deodorant fell out of a plastic bag, a running shoe out of another. Mr concierge did not blink. The two days we had were a blur of skiing, soft hiking and eating great food. On our arrival back to Welly, we dined at Logan Brown. My God! The chefs of LB are the best! I totally did not live up to my food ethic. My downfall began with a round smidgen of some sort of piquant soft cheese topped with the most delicate sliver of salmon and something green. Then I opted for an entree of teeny paua ravioli with shards of toasted potato sprinkled over them like gold. I followed this slice of heaven with a main of salmon and seasonal vegetables. Now! I know that sounds boring, but Logan Brown salmon and seasonal vegetable is anything but. So there I was, eating dairy, and fish, and cooked vegetables. I wholy enjoyed the food. And the icecream afterwards.

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