Friday, October 31, 2008

Cuban coffee, more on the digger

Cubitta cafe (Taranaki street, opposite Les Mills extreme) is most definately the best little cafe in Wellington. They make a perfect short black, soy latte, soy flatwhite, long black and their hot lemon juice is pretty good as well. (The afore mentioned are the ones I regularly inhale). Cubitta charges at least fifty cents less than everyone else and cubitta fluffies are big, chocolaty, and free. The cubitta people always smile and dont seem to have the attitude a lot of cafe workers do. (confession: I worked in cafes for around 10 years and I realise I had 'the attitude'...). The only coffee to have is a good coffee and this is most definately a place to get yours. And NO! I do not know the owners or have part shares in the cafe or the coffee they use. By the way they use their own cuban blend.

As for life, the digger incident continued on, ( )Deane fired it up (finally) and drove it up the terrace which took all of 25 minutes but on his way up, the 'neighbours' surrounded him and heckled him and called him names and took photos. They really stressed him-and we are still trying to figure out what exactly led to this 'mob' action! Shame on them! Maybe it is a pack sort of excersise, one neighbour sparked the others?; they were bored on their long weekend off?; they dont like us? I could go on, but I think it all has to do with individual frames of seeing and being (living)-NOT the actual 'digger incident'. It is just a digger after all. Driving a digger up the terrace was just a bit different. (Bring on white middleclass New zealand!!).
The incident made me question my self. If someone was doing something I was uncomfortable with-would I let them 'be', or would I let them know and turn up with sticks and stones?. Certainly, if the 'something' was going to harm my kids, I know I would be vocal, but the 'digger incident' was not harmful to anybody else.


  1. ..the digger tale complete with pic's will keep the neighbours busy for a long time..good on the Drew's for providing so much entertainment...and all for freee!!!

  2. yeah..thanks anon! It all was a bit o.t.t..but very good for story making and pretty interesting tales for the kids to write about in...'what i did in the weekend' at school...