Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vodka, celebrants and middle class authenticity!

We met our celebrant last night. She arrived at the front door, huffing and puffing, remarking about the steps up (as people do...). I poured her a vanilla vodka, she drank it as we talked. We are 'cutting it fine' but we are nearly sorted as far as the wedding organisation goes. By the time the celebrant left her face was flushed and she was a bit unsteady on her feet. Straight-up vodka will do that I guess.

After a good running week last week, I haven't run at all this week. Apparently it is unwise to run for a week after a chemical face peel ( ) because, they said, the sweat forming under the layer of dead skin can cause an infection. Barbaric huh!

Not being able to run, or work up a sweat in anyway is the worst aspect of having my face peeled.

I have not been very successful at eating raw this week. I have been having fruit salad for breakfast (with coffee). Twice this week, for lunch I have been to Maranui cafe and had salad. Yesterday the salad was wonderful - Puy lentils with walnut and fresh herbs. However, most of the maranui salads are cooked and the one that is not has feta in it. I still believe Maranui and Deluxe cafe make the best cafe food in Wellington by far.

I did a ten minute meditation this morning. This is good as I have not meditated for around three weeks.

One of my goals for this week is to be authentic, that is, to trust my intuition. I will do what feels is the right thing for me to do. I have made a decision to be myself and not cave to the heavy hand of middle class western socialization. Hows that!? (I am so white and middle class - a stay at home mother to boot. I find it ironic - I am also planning my wedding. I, however, have the degree in 'women's studies'. So I know where I am 'placed' in life. Ha!)

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