Thursday, September 18, 2008

five runs down and its only thursday...

(Sailing for a three year old...)

Five runs!..and its only Thursday! That's my total since Monday. I did two runs on Monday and am planning for a second run today. I was pounding the pavement at 5.40 this morning. The birdsong was so amazing I didn't take my ipod with me. That time of the morning is pretty special-its all new, fresh and holds promise. I got home, the family still silent. I stood beside Deanes sleeping body and tapped his arm and yelled, "tag!". I told him it was his turn to go for a run. (I had informed him that I would be getting him up for a run after I had returned from mine, the evening before - I don't think he took me seriously.)

I had a wonderful juice last night. I juiced organic carrot, beetroot, garlic, apple and kale. Feels so good and I think the juice maybe off setting the coffee. I had four coffees yesterday-not good but could be worse. Obviously.

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