Friday, August 15, 2008

wedding, raw food and rabbit in sauce

The wedding venue is confirmed and paid for so...thats it folks! We are being married on October the 12th. Phew! Thats off my mind. Now all I need to organise is the music, my dress, the girls dresses and kilts for Harry and Deane. Oh yeah...and the celebrant. Haha.
My raw food way-of-life is going well. A few nights ago I had a cooked vegan meal. It was really lovely and did not affect me in any noticeable way. I am eating about eighty percent raw. My need for coffee seems to be turning into just a 'want'.
Paloma wasn't well enough to go to creche or kindergarten. I took her to the Doctors on Monday morning resulting in the diagnoses of a strep throat. Poor baby! She mooched at home for three days, drinking her medicine, watching t.v, having cuddles and sleeping. Izzy joined her on the second day complaining of a sore throat. I think Izzy was faking it though.
This of course meant I did not get to the gym or go running during the day for three days.
Yesterday Paloma was well enough so I took her to creche, I went to the gym and did a good weights workout. Then she galloped into kindergarten, (she likes to think she is a horse) and I went home. I didn't go for a run. I made tea for the family. Drew had chosen the evenings dinner. It was rabbit cooked in a white wine sauce with green olives and fresh herbs. It sort of made me sick to cook it and I never will again.
After, I collected Paloma from kindergarten, the kids arrived home from school, well only one arrived. Harry phoned to say he was at a friends and would be home at five. Izzy was playing hockey at the sports center, (I had to collect her later) and Drew was at the library with her friends, (she rushed in the door at 5.20pm apologizing for being late. She had joined a book club that is run by the library every second Thursday so she was at their first club meeting. She is such a blessing.) Rose ran out the door for her hockey practice so for a wee while it was just the three year old and me again.
Anyhow, as far as rabbit for tea went...Drew devoured it but said she felt weird eating a 'bunny'. Harry stated he was vegetarian so he stuck with potato mashed with walnut oil and a big salad. Izzy declared she was also vegetarian and ditto. Rose decided she wasn't that hungry and Paloma ate the 'chicken'.
Once the dishes were done, most of the kids in bed, and Deane was home-I went for a run. It was an okay run, nothing to write about. I was just happy to be out.

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