Monday, August 18, 2008

...selfish Mother, good's all in a day...

Today Rose is at home with some sort of sinus infection due to bad hay fever. I, selfishly, had been running around organising the other kids to school, dressing Paloma for creche, cleaning the breakfast dishes- all so I could get to the gym for my workout!. I had phoned the school to let them know Rose would not be coming in. I was going to go to gym, put Paloma in the creche and buy Rose a hot choc and cake while she waited for me at the gym cafe - that was the plan anyway. I finally slowed down a bit to notice that poor Rose was wilting even though professing to wanting to go out. I realised she was just saying that to please me-she could see I wanted to go out. I had a stab of mother-guilt and taking her shoes off, (we were all ready to walk out of the door), I told her we were to stay at home. Her face sort of melted with relief as I cosied her up on the couch with blankets and pillows. She fell asleep.

My kids teach me how to be a 'good' Mother.

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