Sunday, August 10, 2008

finding nemo...

This weekend, began on Friday early evening with the arrival of our babysitter. I convinced Deane that going for a run before going to the movies would be a good idea. With a reasonable amount (on his part) of cringing and statements regarding the weather, he complied. So we headed out into the hail, wind, in the dark of night and went for a 45 minute run. Deane did not complain too much, and when he did I explained exactly how much he would thank me for it when the run was over. The run did end and he did thank me. We dressed, still sweaty, and carefully made our way back down the slippery stairs.
The Dark Knight, I enjoyed! All though, I wont be letting my younger kids watch it. I always appreciate a good batman, spider man, or who-ever the classic superhero is- movie.
I had avocado sushi with a fresh dairy free smoothie chaser for tea. It felt light and right.

On Saturday after the girls hockey games, (the soccer games cancelled once again due to council grounds that have turned to cesspools), the babysitter arrived again. Deane's legs or hips were feeling a bit too sore to go for another run so we took the three oldest kids to Freyberg pool.
The kids did not need supervision which left us free to swim laps. It is the first time for about one year or maybe more that I have been in a pool. I had an entire lane to myself and swam for about one hour. It felt really good to stretch out. I did about ten of the laps using only the kick board and the rest I did freestyle. I must, nay! I am determined to swim at least twice per week. I need to get some serious scheduling into my life.
Saturday evening came and two friends picked us up, (yes another babysitter) and spirited us away see Mama Mia (again) at the empire movie center in Island Bay. Love it! The big couch-chairs, which two people fit into with lots of butt, and leg room. Love being able to take in wine, glasses food cups of tea. Deane enjoyed the movie and I was trying to talk him into buying a glitter suit. I don't think he will. Its worth a try.

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