Thursday, August 21, 2008

Broken camera, feel good run, a sufi poem.

The camera is broken. It will cost $145 -straight up- just to get it sent away to be examined. The guy said digital cameras usually cost an average of $320 to repair. Our camera looks like it has been thrown around a bit..(kids use it, I will blame them), so I figured it's not worth the money as to get a new one of the same will cost $400ish. Damn! Now we need a new camera.
Today Rose and Izzy are home. They are not sick-sick. They are in recovery. I juiced beetroot, carrot and apple and made them drink a glass each. I have been giving them vitamin C and making them wear hats. (I am such a Mother. I smile to myself wryly...).
Harry and I went for a run on Wednesday night. He ran the entire 4 kilometers. I am grateful Harry seems to be taking health and fitness 'on board' and I'm happy he wants to run with me. (What a great boy! What a lovely Son I am blessed with!).
I left him at our stairs and I continued on for another 5k. The run felt the best it has for a while. I think the 80/20 raw food is making a huge difference to my energy levels and physical being. (I 'be' better!.)
Last night I did not run because I had to take Harry to his Intermediate School open evening. Except we arrived and the school was enveloped in darkness. The only traffic around were cars leaving. So Harry missed out 'cos I got it wrong!! I don't often get dates mixed up. He wasn't too upset, Drew keeps him up to date with what happens at the school anyway.
In trying to be conscious of my reactions to my children and the reasons behind those reactions, I am finding out more about them as the individuals they are. It is an interesting process. I feel I am more kind to them and myself. I am growing as a person, as a parent.

Rumi: say I am You (a sufi poem)

I am dust particles in
I am the round sun
To the bits of dust
I say "stay"
To the sun
"keep moving"
I am the morning mist
and the breathing of
I am wind in the
top of a grove
and surf on the cliff
helmsman and keel
I am the coral reef they
founder on
I am a tree
with a trained parrot
on its branches
and voice
The musical air
coming through a
a spark of stone
a flickering in metals
both candle and
the moth crazy around
and the nightingale
lost in fragrance
I am all orders of
The circling galaxy
The evolutionary
The lift
and the falling away
What is
and what isn't
you who know Jelludalim
you the one in all
say whom I am
say I am you


  1. Hi Catherine, I'm really enjoying your blog - your writing, and reading about the journey of your everyday life so inextricably linked with all of the individual's within your family. Looking forward to reading more.



  2. our cameras broken too, not running enough, not eating enough vegesand bought a sewingmachinetodayguesswho

  3. O.M.G. I didnt even know you could sew perky!! or 'A'...wht sort of machine did you get?