Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yesterday, Izzy was off school, cuddling up to her bucket, languidly staring the television down. Today, Paloma is lying on the couch like the sick baby she is. It means yet another day at home for me. At least today the winter sun is showing itself. I can hang washing out (like the good house wife I am).
Paloma and I usually go to creche, Les Mills, Kindergarten, visit friends, and shop at the supermarket during the mornings. In the afternoons, we come home, she sleeps and I paint till a) she wakes, or b) the kids arrive home.

These 'sick' days point out (with flippin' big accusing fingers)the housework that calls for me from distant corners.
I want a real job!.
No, actually, I want a real studio, where I can focus and work. It must have a high stud and wooden floor boards. I need to paint in uninterrupted blocks of time. (There-if I keep saying it-it shall be). I am so- over- painting in the dining area of our house, amongst the baskets of washing, dishes that need to be done, toys that need to be picked up and constant bleating from loved ones that interrupt my train of thought and flow of brush. (The image above is 'my studio'. It can be seen behind the kids who are munching at the kitchen bench last summer).
I am in the midst of organising our wedding. Its not as easy as it seemed nor as hard as people tell me it is. The kids are all very excited about it and have visions of big churches and fluffy dresses and ring-bearing cushions and black suits. (what are they watching on T.V?)
My idea is a tad more relaxed of course. Moulin rouge themed, with the Scottish edge (that being Deane, Reuben and Harry in kilts). I am thinking, opulent red dress, splits to thigh, crystal, too many flowers, candles, fairy lights, food,food, food and of course good music-drum beats. The next day, Deane and I will go for a celebratory 20k run up and around the Belmont regional park.
Sounds good.

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  1. hmmm moulin rouge theme.....sounds yummy