Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mama Mia; mountain running; adidas; the wedding...

V and I went to see Mama Mia!. She didnt enjoy it, (actually a bit scathing of it). I really got into it. But then I have always rocked to Abba! (yes..I know...label it as you will. I like what I like..). V thought it a bit over the top or shallow or something which is all true. It was Fun, bright and made me want to skip off to a Grecian Island and buy a building- singing all the while.

Deane and I got a babysitter on Sunday and went for our first off road run together since the Coast to Coast! We walked/ran/crawled/slid through the bush, up the creek that had turned into a small fast river that flooded over the track, and up the steep mudslide they call a hill. At the top we were pelted with bullets of sideways rain. Love it. The force of the wind held me ( in seconds) when I balanced on the top rock, made like a starfish, and leaned into it. Gotta love it! Its only just over a twelve k run there and back but took us two hours.

Covered in mud, soaked and shivering, we sloshed into Mojo cafe in cuba street. A Ficelle and long black later, I was feeling good. Dirty good. We strolled filthly to a sports shop where I got new road running shoes (Adidas my favourites..). I got a new running jacket -Adidas clima365- which is technical fabric, light, windproof and looks cool. Very important!.

(As Im writing this I am realizing that Adidas does it for me. Over long years of running experience, that particular brand really works for me...from sunglasses to shoes).

I went to Les Mills yesterday(now school hols are over I can go! Yay!). Paloma happily attended the creche and I very happily did a good weights work out-and then snatched a half hour of coffee and reading trash at Dixon st deli.
I have organised our wedding a bit more and even booked The Pines!. So, all going to plan, we will be married on October 12th, this year. Wow. The thing with planning our own wedding, as I am discovering, is, it is important to be true to yourself. People can get insistant as to what is considered the "norm" ( or whatever...) . I found myself planning and stressing about an idea of what a wedding 'should' be till I pulled myself up and realized that it wasnt ours. Our wedding is pretty much stress free, (at this point).
Will keep all my avid readers out there up to date on the wedding.


  1. A stress-free wedding.


    You should be proud of yourself. :)

  2. Hi Vered! Yes, I am planning on it staying that way;-relaxed and fun-from beginning to end. From what people say-I have high expectations, or I'm not realistic? Time will tell.

  3. What a pretty flower!!

    Maybe Adidas will read this and give you some free stuff....i love Adidas too but no one knows who I am.......

  4. ...by the way, I adored Mamma Nia, Meryl Streep and Rita are the coolest women in the world and I just wanna hug and tickle them whilst singing.....jusr foranyoneelse whose reading this, I support juggling lady, even tho I'm nobody....

  5. hey anon!! just bought myself some adidas/diesel jeans!! o.m.g!! they fit beautifully...wish adidas would pay me for promoting them on my famous well-read popular blog...aye!