Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big bad runner

God! Im in such a bad mood. Im not sure why exactly, but my patience with the noisy children is measured in nano seconds. It is 5.23pm and I have let them, no, forced them to turn the dumb box on so I can have some peace. They are zombied out to the simpsons.

Earlier this afternoon, I dropped Paloma off at kindy and went for an angry run in the rain. I was unenthusiastic but did it anyway. I should have been satisfied and felt a teeny touch of pride that I was out running-but NO!. I was angry that I wasnt fast/happy/comfortable enough.

I ran for 40 minutes. I stomped up our stairs and had a hot shower (I couldnt find anything to grump about that). I dressed and coated up, grabbed the bent umbrella and walked to Vanita's. A 20 minute chat, hot drink later and I picked Paloma up and tried to beat the kids home from school,(not successful).

As for my 'raw food' fling, well! This morning for break fast I demolished a small fruit salad, then a piece of toast and honey,(not raw). Lunch was two pieces of toast with promite (not raw). Dinner will be home made-not-raw pizza. So tis not going fabulously but it is something to smile about.

That was yesterday and today held the promise of a new day and a better mood. So my raw food diet thus far has consisted of cooked porridge for breakfast, two black coffees, followed by a salad sandwhich for lunch, on bread (baked), no butter. Then, for my three O'clock sugar rush, i had 4 peices of a carob bar..(not good) and two peices of soft licorice. Its a laugh really.
The mood is a tad better.

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