Monday, June 23, 2008

My syrupy half Marathon

I ran, or rather sloughed my way through 21 K's of thick treacle yesterday. I shouldn't have been surprised at how hard it felt considering the lack of focused training. The needle sharp rain, the gale force gusts of wind, the people passing me by (with not a thing i could do about it), my sunblock (yes, I know...)that was being washed into my eyes by the rain, all conspired to make it a hell race for me. I 'ran' through the finish line in 2 hours and 3 minutes. I cried. I felt sick and sadly disappointed at the time it took, all though it was three minutes faster than last year.

It took me five minutes to trick the transponder off my shoe, another five minutes to fill up my goodie bag. The fifty dollar banana tasted like pesticide so i threw it out and ate my free peanut slab, (thick chocolate fill o' peanuts, thanks Mr Whitaker). I wandered around the stadium with 6-7 thousand other glazed, wet people hugging free yellow marathon towels, looking for a rubbish bin to put my free apple core. All the rubbish bins had the label: 'NO FOOD. RUBBISH ONLY". I left my apple core on a chair wrapped in a plastic bag. (sorry cleaning staff).

Deane phoned to say he was waiting in the car not too far away. Thank you Deane! My calf muscles and I hobbled down the stadium runway. Poor sods were still coming in, struggling the last few hundred meters. I threw words of encouragement at them, i.e "ya nearly there! free banana!".

I found my love and I sat in the warm car. I'm never going to do it again. All though I know the event will make a liar of me.

Running half marathons to me, is like having a baby. You swear you will never do it again, the pain is too much, its simply NOT fun. But the next day, you forget. YOu take panadol, You plan..... You do it again.


  1. can't wait todo that

  2. What?! you cant wait to have a 'shit marathon experience'?. Its all relative isnt it. I am studying up on WHAT my next race is going to be- and also how to train in a spectacular fashion for it. thanks for the comment'anonymous'.