Sunday, June 29, 2008

Drew turns twelve.

From three p.m yesterday afternoon, the house has been full with the usual inhabitants, plus, six extra twelve year old girls.
It was Drews twelth birthday and she celebrated with a late afternoon Hells Pizza party, quickly followed by a store bought thickly coated-in-chocolate butter-icing cake. After the song-singing,and cake eating, the party migrated quickly to the downstairs area, (still noisy), where they consumed chocolate, assorted lollies, chips, apple juice and crackers and dip. They screamed, laughed, teased the younger kids and seemed to enjoy creating havoc.
Eventually, I organised them into the car, (no mean feat). We left Deane and the younger kids alone, in relative peace.
On parking the car, the twelve year olds tumbled out,giggling and yabbering. They flitted into Glassons, and Banks Shoes before chattering their way into the movie complex. Drew had been insistant on seeing a particular movie, The Zohan, or something like that. I sat about five rows behind the girls, who kept yelling " thats our Mother! Hi mum!" etc. I hunkered down in my seat. I spent the next two hours trying to stay awake during one of the most tedious, crotch shot movies I've seen. (Piglets big adventure was maybe a tad more boring..).
Afterward, I dropped a few girls off to their homes and then to the dvd shop, where the three sleep -over girls chose one each. I was pretty tired (of them) by this time and eagerly guided them home, settled them down stairs, told them I didnt want to hear from them. Deane and I went to bed.

I woke the next morning to a famous Wellington southerly. The rain was pelting sideways, it was gusting up to 120k.
I LOVE it.
Harry, (my ten year old) and I scuttled out into the dim light of the early morning storm to do our Sunday morning market gig. We negotioted the 135 slippery steps, and ran to the car. Heater on, we drove into town, and secured a park. Unfortunately, due to the storm, the market was only just coming to life. The trucks were still being unloaded, the fruit and vegetables still being set up. Nothing was ready. I decided we should fight our way to the marina side cafe's and see if anyone was open. (Harry was blown down, in a particulary wild gust, he weighs in at about 35 kilos..). Alas! No luck, so, no coffee.

We were shooed back to the car by the wind. We waited.
Eventually, after loading fruit and vege into car, a drive around Lyall Bay to see the extent of the storm, a coffee, a slightly warm, buttery pain-au-chocolat, Harry and I were home.

The girls still were not up. I remedied that and had them sitting at the breakfast bar, bleary with fatigue and chocolate overdose. Deane made them pancakes smothered in maples syrup, cream and sugar.
The house returned to normal by about 1pm, the weather still hasnt.

The storm made the six p.m news. It had grounded airplanes, stopped the interislander, and created floods.
I love Wellington on a good day.

Monday, June 23, 2008

My syrupy half Marathon

I ran, or rather sloughed my way through 21 K's of thick treacle yesterday. I shouldn't have been surprised at how hard it felt considering the lack of focused training. The needle sharp rain, the gale force gusts of wind, the people passing me by (with not a thing i could do about it), my sunblock (yes, I know...)that was being washed into my eyes by the rain, all conspired to make it a hell race for me. I 'ran' through the finish line in 2 hours and 3 minutes. I cried. I felt sick and sadly disappointed at the time it took, all though it was three minutes faster than last year.

It took me five minutes to trick the transponder off my shoe, another five minutes to fill up my goodie bag. The fifty dollar banana tasted like pesticide so i threw it out and ate my free peanut slab, (thick chocolate fill o' peanuts, thanks Mr Whitaker). I wandered around the stadium with 6-7 thousand other glazed, wet people hugging free yellow marathon towels, looking for a rubbish bin to put my free apple core. All the rubbish bins had the label: 'NO FOOD. RUBBISH ONLY". I left my apple core on a chair wrapped in a plastic bag. (sorry cleaning staff).

Deane phoned to say he was waiting in the car not too far away. Thank you Deane! My calf muscles and I hobbled down the stadium runway. Poor sods were still coming in, struggling the last few hundred meters. I threw words of encouragement at them, i.e "ya nearly there! free banana!".

I found my love and I sat in the warm car. I'm never going to do it again. All though I know the event will make a liar of me.

Running half marathons to me, is like having a baby. You swear you will never do it again, the pain is too much, its simply NOT fun. But the next day, you forget. YOu take panadol, You plan..... You do it again.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

on winter...

I guess the question i am churning over in my life at the moment is one of balance. How do i give time for my life while also making time for my family? I don't wish to devalue myself or them. The children are young, not yet teenagers. I have Deane, who I want to give my time to as well. Just the physical aspects of caring for them, cleaning, cooking, transporting, listening to them, the constant,'look at me, look at this, listen to this..'. I want to accommodate all, so they are content, while not putting my self on the back burner. I find it hard to even remember the frantic days and years while i had three then four pre-schoolers, all at the same time. We are in a different phase, it seems to be a tad more relaxed..(excluding saturday sports mornings...4 kids to four different games in 4 different suburbs all within ten minutes, not to mention the pick ups..). Anyhoo. To move on...

Right now, my garden is growing, winter weeds and all, the compost piles have turned into sodden piles of slop, the grass is too wet to mow and the lawn mower is too pathetic to use on such long grass,(it only bends it..). I have not been running for a week and a half now, even though i regard myself as officially 'better' as of yesterday. I have the capital half marathon to run in three weeks and I am aiming for 1hour and 50 minutes. (After much thought i have decided i will wear my black nike sports skirt and a black woollen singlet). Im not ready for it -but will be in three weeks. The power of positive thought astounds me.

I have sold three paintings in the last two weeks. It always feels good to get them out of my house (re studio), and i like the fact they have gone to loving homes.

Maybe in hindsight, my life hasnt completely ground to a standstill in the last few weeks. Mid winter tends towards hibernation-must-fight-it...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the un-runner...

I'm hunkered down, wrapped in a green blanket, woollen hat, fluffy mismatched socks, two jumpers and track pants. I haven't been out running since last Thursday.'s OKAY!- I have a cold.! My excuse is my aching body, and head. Even my feet i will just let myself get over it. I drugged myself up on Saturday night to go to a neighbours dinner party. There was the promise of good food, and company, and of course, one thing I cant go past-SINGSTAR. So, I had a great time, cold and flu drugs, champagne cocktails chased by cosmopolitans,that had me singing and dancing till 2 in the wee hours. Afterwards, Deane and I dragged ourselves up our 135 stairs, (he much worse for wear). My cold and flu drugs wore off and i couldn't sleep for the ache and cough. Was it worth it? yes. (and NO...I did not spread it around, I caught it from these very friends two weeks beforehand..).
This was the weekend of the Queens birthday, hence an extra day..which was good timing considering illness. (Thanks Ma'am!)

I re-read my first post regarding the goals I was on the way to accomplishing. I no longer am sure about becoming competent in white water. The further I am removed from the kayak section of the COAST TO COAST race, the more terrified i am of the thought of getting into that water again. I keep asking myself, why the bleep would i put myself in that position again? I mean, isn't it common knowledge that you must do what you love to therefore have success and happiness. I don't 'love' kayaking white water. My fear rattles my mind. However-I want to complete the C2C and the kayak section is key. I will keep churning.

I am reading ebooks and articles and slow books on MANIFESTING. The phrases that seem to attach to me are about the importance of knowing what you want from your life. They talk about priority lists, which help identify your goals and find ways to take action. They talk about things you have a natural affinity for as being the things your should pay attention to. They say" Make a commitment to follow your gifts and talents , let them guide you. Don't let anybody tell you what you should do".
I find it heartening. I don't have to be an accountant or Doctor or computer programmer after all.