Friday, May 9, 2008

running again!!!

Finally! I can call myself a runner again. I put my running shoes on (and my very cool running skirt..gotta look good..)and i was out the door. I have stuck to my programme for a week and also fitted in my 'balance' class and two quality weights workouts at the gym. School holidays are over and i am on track again.

I have painted three times this week, completing one painting...(maybe its complete..i keep changing my mind..). I am still wanting, studio wise. I use, what used to be the dining area, as my studio. I dont like sharing.

I havnt baked any bread this week but i have bought a book, written by Gay Bilson. Its called 'Plenty. Digressions on Food.' Yeah. So its about food, Australian food at that. Its my kind of read, not pretentious, a bit funny and pretty informative, with recipes scattered through it.

In my garden, now wintering, i have planted the silverbeet, cabbage, broccoli and some pakchoi. The carrots are growing. At least, i think they are,. Its either them, or marigolds that i had dug in to the soil previously. They will show themselves truley within the next few weeks.