Monday, April 28, 2008

Its school holidays and it's raining. Seven kids are in the house, but seven kids dont make a party..if you know what i mean. They are all variously employed, making anzac biscuits, drawing, shooting people and annoying me by hovering around me while i write this, to make it worse the hovering ones are eating apples loudly in my ears...

Yesterday morning i drove the kids to TePapa by 8 in the morning, where they partook of a record breaking one kilometer gumboot running race, organised a televised by the kids programme 'what now?". Paloma had stayed at home with Deane, so i only had four kids. I left them with thousands of others and walked to the market and bought apples, fejoas, vege's. Then Drew found me so we dumped the bags in the car and made our way to Zarbo's deli-cafe. I had my first coffee of the day, (therefore the best) and drew had a chai latte and 'just out of the oven' sweet muffin.

I am still in a funk and have not been running all week and the week before i only did one run. I am hoping its a seasonal change- funk, coupled with the aftermath of doing the coast to coast..(and failing to complete the kayack section).

I believe running is essential for my physical and mental health. Once school hols are over i will get into it again. Out damn funk.

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