Monday, April 28, 2008

bread baking

I bought a book, Dough by Richard Bertinet. Its very cool and I have been baking divine least thats what the eaters have been saying ...(through mouthfuls). The dough is worked differently from what i am used to, flour is not added in the kneading process. It begins very sticky but as you work with it (by stretching it and turning it over on itself gently, trapping air within) the chemical process takes over -transforming it into a wonderfully warm soft silky mass....the book says once you are 'kneading' competently it should take only 5 minutes.( It takes me twenty). I have made, quite a few times now, a white bread, using just flour waater fresh yeast and salt. The bread is called fougasse. I put the ingredients together, then work the dough for twenty mins, then rest it for an hour, then shape it, and bake it. I have been able to time it so the fougasse is out of the oven when the kids walk in from school. They eat it warm and love it. I love them loving it too.
I also make a sweet dough roll, pain viennois. It takes 20 mins to work it, an hour to rise, 10 mins to shape into rolls, an hour to prove, 10 minutes to bake. I take them out of the oven, slice them open and stuff them with chocolate. They are eaten within 10 minutes.
I use organic ingredients... except sometimes the chocolate is normal nestle. I like knowing they are eating relatively healthful treats...
Loving making bread...

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