Wednesday, March 12, 2008

right now...

right now the 'nearly three' year old is running around and around the kitchen bench. her pyjama pants which are too big for her..(hand me down) keep falling down around her ankles and she lands on the floor and laughs, gets up and runs.
It is the eight year old's night for the dishes, and she is up to her arms in water, the floor is wet, and yet... and yet the dishes don't seem to be getting any cleaner.
(I'm on the computer so i can sort of block it out and not nag her about the lack..)
The ten year old is lying 20cm from the television screen watching two and a half men, and the eleven year old is lying on the couch with a pencil in her ear watching the same. My child, who has just turned seven, is crouching on the orange vinyl chair playing with a soft toy in the fruit basket. She is imagining a world where the fruit basket is a house for the soft toy. The soft toy has a name and a personality and it speaks..(of fruit dreams?)
The man is not home yet.
I am.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"how do you spell it?"
" like the language" is my stock answer. English is my surname and I am always asked to spell it. I don't mind, its just a bit ironic.
Well here's to me...trying out blogging. I'm a virgin blogger. I hope i don't get too busy..(5 kids, work from home..). I hope I'm good enough. I think maybe if i just write and let myself be me, it may be okay.
The purpose for this blog is to keep a tab on my journey towards my goals.
My goals in short, 1) qualify for the Boston marathon (09)
2)become competent at white water kayaking (by Feb 09)
3)put together enough work for an exhibition this year
4)Improve my cooking skills
I will explain the reasons for these seemingly eclectic goals in a later blog, (i hope not too much later). I've got to go, the kids have started 'wanting'.