Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our new dalmation

Today was an enforced stay-at-home day. Whew! This is a good thing. Paloma has chickenpox, lookin' all cute and cuddly with spots. She thinks she looks like a dalmatian.
This week, being the first week of school after the break, was going to be my first week back at the studio.
I spent a few hours there on Monday, the only thing accomplished was the creation of the actual habit.
It is a bit like exercising, even if I dont feel like running I will head out the door, walk, creep, crawl-as long as I am keeping the 'get-out-the-door' habit going.
So, Monday blahness, Tuesday I was all settled in, brush in hand and the school rang me. I pack up and do-what-needed-to-be-done which took most of the day. So Tuesday was a painting wipe out.
Wednesday I arrived late at the studio as I had a weight workout session. I felt very creatively low and ended up pacing the floor, doing a bit of sketching onto a canvas, scrubbing sketches off the canvas, and fiddling with the tubes of paint. Hmmm. Nothing to be gained here apart from habit.
 My mantra,'give it your best shot, take a risk, trust yourself, give it your best shot, take a risk, trust yourself, the only voice you need is the voice you already have, trust yourself', (and on and on). It was to no avail. I packed up and drove to the supermarket and sorted out dinner for everyone and after school food. Food is a much easier subject.
After picking the younger kids up from school and dropping a few off at home, I drove Paloma to ballet. I explained to her teacher that her spots were actually the result of her immunization she had five days beforehand. That's what I thought they were anyway. I read a book in the car while she was dancing, picked her up. Her spots seemed to breed at ballet and once home I chucked her in the bath and the spots had a party. Okay, I give in. Chickenpox it is. (How could I get it so wrong!) Thus, today. Thursday, my fourth day of not painting at the studio. I have cuddled the dalmatian a lot and fed her popcorn, DVDs and hot chocolate. I have done a few quality drawings and made a huge pot of vegetable stew for dinner.
I am finding it hard to stand, sit, walk, because of my work out yesterday, coupled with the pain in my legs from the big run last Saturday. Not that I'm one to complain.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I havve a studio...

Ahhh...this is Paloma ready for her first day of school. That was four weeks ago! She has only asked me for a total of two days 'off', 'cos school is really hard work!'. Apart from these few quiet rumblings from her, she seems to be enjoying school as a whole.
Mr Drew is still away building his boat, it has been thus far-about six weeks. You know what?-I'm finding this parenting-alone gig increasingly harder. Two young teens in the house are enough to send me out hunting for a larger house. It isnt just the lack of physical space, its the explosive energy they carry around with them. I think it would be easier to handle if it wernt for the other three kids watching eagle eyed-every move we make. (Its like a public chess game). A bigger space would dilute the energy somewhat, or at least give everyone some quiet place. Read the small print.
Anyhoo. I am enjoying working in the studio. Did I tell you? One week before little P started school, I went into Inverlochy art school and asked for a studio space. The manager replied No. I said,(slightly hysterically) 'oh! but I need a space. My youngest is starting school in a week-I have had kids home for 14 years. I need a space. Now.' He said, 'okay. You can have the school library.Is that okay?'
Of course it was fine by me and I have been in there painting my little frustrated heart out-four days per week. I arrive there about 9am and leave at 1.30pm. I go home from the studio three days per week, and prepare after school food, dinner and a quick cleanup-then out the door to pick the primary school kids up. I take one to tap dance directly after school on Monday, one to gymnastics on Tuesday, and one to Ballet on Wednesday.
As for my painting, I am finding it difficult to get into the groove (the groove I was at, one year ago) whereby each painting I finish feeds the next painting. I still have not done a juicy loose painting but know I will get the groove/flow as long as I continue. Which I will.
My running is going okay, the half marathon is two weeks away and I am hoping to beat my 2 hour everest.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

cutest five year old in the universe...

Yes I know. I'm allowed. This is her five year old kindergarten birthday. She was too cute. She's my she's been at school nearly one week....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wanna pic? Here's a few catch up's...what life looks like....

Yes. This is my every day wear. Actually, this is what a friend and I dressed in for our final day of bootcamp, of which I am sure you have all been avidly reading about in my wordpress blog. aahhh yes, the wordpress blog about my health and excercise life which I put into a different space than my family life. Hmmmm..what does it all mean?

Oh, and here I am dressed for a was an interesting walk into town! The suit folks, was long hot pants, abba style with hoops at the hem of each leg..yay!
Here is my wee girl on her very last day of kindergarten, enjoying her kindergarten birthday party. She sits on the special chair and the teacher talks about her life at kindy, her favourite songs, her whanau, her guineapigs and school. They sing 'happy school days' and 'ka kite' to her.

Hellooo sweetie. Here is toothpick checking you out!

Here is Deane Diesels dream boat. This is the honey he is in Christchurch for a month building..welding. He is readying it to motor across the straight to Wellington, so he can work on it here. For the next one thousand years. Yay.Team. It's good to have a passion.

Here are three girls decorating Paloma's birthday cake. Huge cake, huge party. I know! Look at that cake and tell me how clever I am. Then I will tell you how I bought three chocolate sponge rolls from the super market, stuck them together with pure butter icing dyed pink. The oldest girl made the chocolate flowers and stuck them on the icing and the three youngest girls drew on the cake with different coloured icings. Very impressive and fit for a five year old!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's all about me

Mothers day was loverly. Deane ran down the stairs about seven a.m mumbling something about a present. He arrived back ten minutes later lugging a tuba. A huge brass instrument. What  a mothers day gift! Love it. (No, I dont play). We left home early to nab a big enough table at Caffiend cafe in Jackson street Petone. I was showered with smelly gifts from LUSH, which made me think I must smell somewhat. Mr Drew left yesterday, loaded up with boat bits...he is following the container down to Christchurch. (Have fun Diesel). As for me, I am all for self help. So, to adjust to a month or so as a single mother, I went shopping. I bought myself three new winter cardys..(I love cardys, I even love the word, cardy.) I bought a birthday present for my mama, and a birthday present for the new baby in the house below ours,  (welcome Eva), and part of Paloma's birthday present. I bought a book about New York, a pair of gloves, a hat and an art magazine. I then drove to Moore Wilsons and bought 5 chocolate rolls for the kids after school, and the usual food stuffs. (This included 2 huge bunches of banana's at about nine bucks, which this morning, I can only see two.) Now, this very morning- as a fully adjusted single mom (for a month), I made the kids bacon and eggs for breakfast and folded the washing. Today, I will take Paloma to a cafe. It is her last week of being a free four year old. She is my side kick for only one more week. Wow!  This is such a milestone week. I am organising her Saturday birthday party at jungle rama (eek), and her birthday party at kindergarten (tomorow). To celebrate her first day of school on Monday, I am organising a champagne breakfast at a friends after school drop offs, then a champagne lunch at Vista cafe (oriental parade). The plan is to scoot down to vista on our kids scooters. So, her first day of school, will be pretty much wasted for me-in a good way. Bring it.